Frequently asked questions

Why don’t you use artificial sweeteners in your drinks?

Rocks are proud to use real cane sugar in our products. To us, sugar is a natural product which has been used for hundreds of years to sweeten food and drink. Sugar cane is a giant grass, grown from the earth towards the sunshine and its cultivation provides work for thousands of people worldwide. Sugar often gets a bad press and, if some experts are to be believed, is to be avoided like the plague in the quest for a healthy lifestyle.

When we made our first bottle of squash more than 40 years ago, we took a decision to avoid artificial sweeteners at all costs. Our commitment to this pledge continues in our range of drinks today.  As our understanding of artificial sweeteners grow and the role they play in the modern food and drink industries continues to rise, we remain committed in our drive to remain free from artificial sweeteners and to continue to offer consumers a choice. 

I can't find Rocks at my local store. Can you help?

Rocks Squashes can be found in most of the major supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury’s & Waitrose), both in store and online, as well as in Ocado, Health Food Stores and on this website. Rocks is not always stocked in all stores so if you cannot find our squashes in your local store, we recommend speaking to a senior member of the store staff and making a request. It may be helpful to know that many Independent stores will order products on request too. This can often help and encourage some stores to start selling our drinks.  

Why do I need to keep my Rocks bottle in the Fridge?

Our products should have a good shelf life, and can last for several months unopened, see the best before end date. The important difference to note with Rocks drinks is that after opening, the drinks must be refrigerated and consumed within around three weeks. Once open, the natural juice within the product is exposed to spores in the air which can lead to product deterioration, mould growth or fermentation, and the juice content in the products behaves in a is similar way to fresh juice if left unrefrigerated - because there are no additives in the product to preserve it.

Is the Rocks Drinks range alcoholic?

No! Our Rocks range are soft drinks. (They can be used to flavour cocktails!)

Are Rocks drinks additive-free?

We have taken great care to ensure that our labels comply with current labelling legislation and are not misleading. Our labels state 'No artificial flavours, preservatives, colours and sweeteners'. The only additive in our drinks is citric acid, used as an acidity regulator. It is derived from maize or sweet potatoes.

Do your products contain sulphites?

Rocks products are free from sulphites. Many soft drink manufacturers use sulphites as preservatives and where sulphites are present at levels above 10ppm (part/million), manufacturers must declare this on the label. We can confirm that we do not use sulphites of any kind, at any level.

Why do the bottle caps get so sticky?

Our products contain real sugar and spring water and the combination is naturally stickier than drinks made with artificial sweeteners. The bottles are best stored upright once opened, to avoid build-up of sugar around the lids. Once opened Rocks products always need to be stored in the fridge as the natural juice content means that it can deteriorate quickly if not refrigerated. 

Is it OK to give squash to toddlers?

We suggest that our Rocks Squash be served in small, well-diluted quantities to young children and as part of a meal. We also recommend serving it in a cup and not a bottle.

We use high quality natural ingredients, whole fruit, and do not use any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colours or flavours. 

As our products contain fruit juices and sugar rather than artificial sweeteners, we advise that toddlers should not consume large quantities which could contribute to weight gain, tooth decay and picky eating. Drinks of this nature are best consumed along with a meal so that developing teeth are exposed to the sugars present for just a short time. For young children we recommend that water is best choice for drinks between meals.

This bottle is a different shade/ different colour – Is it still safe to drink?

We pride ourselves as a company on producing squash the traditional way and because of this we rely on the natural variations of the raw materials that we use. We find that this can produce batches of squash that vary in colour and taste from time to time. In any natural product there is some variation which is caused by variations in the raw materials, the fruit itself, and sometimes this comes with the seasons, and the location of the supply of the fruit. There can be natural variation with the flavour and the colour, and we consider this variation to be a trait that differentiates us from the other brands on the market in a positive way.

The product should still have a pleasant orangey, blackcurrant or fruity flavour and its always our intention to produce great tasting squash.  

There are bits in my squash – Is this normal?

Due to the processing of our squash, and it’s ingredients, you may come across very small particles of fruit in your bottle. This a natural trait and should not be a cause for concern. It also shows that real fruit has been "squished" to make it!

If you have any questions that are not answered here, or concerns about a product you've recently purchased, please talk to us via our contact us page