Get ready for summer

Looking for a thirst-quenching drink, bursting with natural flavour and free from artificial ingredients?

Our Summer Fruits squash is simply made from squished whole strawberries, apple, blackcurrants and cherries, pure Devonshire spring water and natural cane sugar. That’s it!

Perfect over ice to accompany the great British summer.

Our Squash

Our delicious Rocks squash is made from squished whole fruit and nothing artificial.

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From farm to family

Based in a lovely village just outside Exeter in Devon, Rocks have been making authentic squashes and ready-made drinks since 1981.

Inspired by original founder; farmer and family man Hugh Rock, who simply wanted to produce refreshing drinks that didn’t use artificial sweeteners, colours or additives.

Today, Rocks retains the same vision, to provide simple drinks to thirsty families!

Whole fruit squash

What’s an ‘authentic’ squash’ then?

Remember those hot summer days when you ran into the kitchen, squished a lemon or two into chilly water, sprinkled in some sugar and stirred like crazy? Maybe or maybe not… but that simple combination of whole fruit, natural sugar and imagination is all that goes into our squash.

Nobody else does it quite like we do.

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